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With ten years of experience in the field, EMPcorp is more than just what your company wants - it offers the services your business needs.
Compared to other on-line payment and e-money companies in the industry, EMPcorp offers significant competitive advantages. Our staff members are skilled at fraud detection. Years of experience in the field have made our company skilled at providing the top account management. When you use EMPcorp, you get world class:
  • Fraud Detection
  • Account Management
EMPcorp combines financial expertise and technological know-how to deliver a complete set of global payment methods together with a powerful fraud prevention system.
EMPcorp has designed and customized to suit the unique processing needs of E-commerce merchants.
EMPcorp payment solution guarantees maximum sales conversion with a fully-integrated risk management platform that accurately recognizes and minimizes potential online risks, while at the same time increasing profits.
our values

our values

EMPcorp provides an unprecedented value to on-line merchants. Among are many capabilities, EMPcorp offers a commitment to efficiency, security and accessibility. E-commerce sites receive flexibility, expertise and accuracy that they need to operate a successful business. Honest and accurate, our product is the reliable payment processing that websites must have to generate a profit.

1. Security:

We offer some of the best security measures available.
After ten years of experience in the payment processing industry, EMPcorp is knowledgeable about security technology and innovations in the field. Our anti-fraud policy maintains the highest standard.

2. Flexibility:

Our back office is able to scale to the size of your company. As your business grows, we can customize data to suit your individual needs. Best of all, handling billing supports and customer transactions is simple with EMPcorp. Only a few clicks of a button can bring automated payment processing.

3. Commitment:

EMPcorp is committed to staying ahead of all of the latest trends. We work hard to ensure that you have every service at your fingertips. Our features are continuously expanded to serve you. As your business grows, we are committed to expanding in line with your sales. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every client.

4. Accuracy:

EMPcorp has had more than ten years of experience in the industry. This allows us to have the best accuracy available and exceptional experience in fraud prevention. We ensure that fraudulent charges are stopped. Each valid sale goes through the system and is converted into profits for your business.

5. Honesty:

We are committed to the highest standard of ethics and morality. Our staff members possess integrity and provide the honest solutions you need.
our values

our experience

Each merchant receives a program perfectly designed to meet their unique processing needs. Our target is to deliver a complete set of global payment methods around card processing and E-money together with a powerful fraud prevention system. Designed and customized to suit the unique processing needs of E-commerce merchants.
Our product and services offer businesses the maximum sales conversion rates. At the same time, the services are designed with a fullyintegrated risk management platform. This platform is able to recognize and minimize potential risks. It protects the e-commerce payment system by offering a heightened level of security and protection. While profits roll in, each business can rest assured with the knowledge that their funds are protected.
Our key benefits:
  • Multiple Acquiring banking opportunities for highest approval ratios;
  • Multi-currency processing with identical processing and settlement currency;
  • Expert risk management and superior technology for accurate fraud prevention;
  • Firstclass customer service, including 24/7/365 technical support.
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