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With ten years of experience in the field, EMPcorp is more than just what your company wants - it offers the services your business needs.
What standards do you meet?Open
Our staff members work to understand all of the complex regulations involving the E-commerce industry. They stay up to date on the latest rules and laws in order to make your job easier. EMPcorp keeps a close relationship with banks and PSP. Instead of just staying uptodate on industry regulations, we work according to our own, more stringent policies. Instead of meeting the requirements, EMPcorp goes above and beyond to achieve an unprecedented level of excellence.
How do you assure data security?Open
EMPcorp follows PCI security standards, as operational requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council in order to protect card holder data. These standards govern all merchants and organizations that store, process or transmit this data.
What type of risk system do you use to prevent fraud?Open
EMPcorp minimizes merchants’ exposure to online fraud with an advanced fraud detection ppolicy, specializing in realtime fraud detection and prevention. EMPcorp's comprehensive fraud detection solution is a web and mobile based ruling system that has been developed by expert professionals.
How do I integrate E-PRO?Open
Designed to be exceptional, E-PRO is extremely easy to integrate into a current website or software program. It is intuitive enough for any level of user. If anything seems unclear, users can always contact EMPcorp for professional help and assistance with their questions.
What kind of technical support do you offer?Open
Staff members at EMP corp are hired because of their expertise and high skill levels. EMPcorp strives to give the best professional support. The team is committed to improving the merchant's profits and performance. Any inquiries can be directed to
Do you provide training on your system?Open
Training can be obtained through our dedicated technical support staff. Our staff members can be reached aroundtheclock for training on all EMPcorp products.
Do you provide online reporting interface and what types of reports can I generate?Open
EMPcorp supplies merchants with highly comprehensive realtime online reports of their activity. Merchants enjoy the flexibility of fully customizing their own online reports out of a wide range of report types, which are structured according to the merchant's business needs.
Merchants are able to generate interactive reports such as:
  • Transactional Reports;
  • Chargebacks Reports;
  • Statistics Reports.
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