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EMP corp has formed strategic alliances with a range of partners. This has allowed for an unprecedented level of success for everyone involved. We are able to offer our full support in finding the right services for each partner or merchant. Through this continued cooperation, EMP corp is able to offer a range of professional services.
EMP corp views its partners and strategic alliances as the formula for success and provides them with full support for its solutions and services. EMP corp works in maximum cooperation with partners to offer them professional services.


From basic sites to complex processing demands, EMP corp is able to meet every business requirement. Our E-commerce transactions are fast and secure. By using EMP corp, you are able to access a variety of on-line and local payment methods. You started a business because you have a dream or a product that is a success. Let EMP corp work on payment processing and back office work while you stick to they business you know best.
With turnkey products, you can quickly and easily integrate payment processing into your website. Our products work with a wide variety of banks. Professionally driven support services are offered by our on-staff experts. Through our knowledge of the industry, our team is able to provide the exact support to meet your needs. EMP corp is able to let you select the bank that you want and is available in more than 39 European countries. In addition, we offer transfers in 52 global currencies.
Once EMP corp payment processing is on your website, you are able to accept a range of payment methods. Some of the methods include Visa, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB, E-Carte-Bleue and PayPal. We offer flexible payment processing. Merchants can enjoy having deposit and balance management as well as staggered payments. EMP corp also gives E-commerce sites options like debit following the validation process, one-click purchasing and subscriptions management. Through our exceptional offerings, we are able to give companies an easier way to manage cancellations or reimbursements.
From the moment EMP corp is installed, it allows merchants to manage and monitor all of their transactions. Our back office interface is simple to use and offers a multi-faceted interface. In addition to your virtual store, you can collect sales payments through other channels. Throughout the entire process, we have a 3D-Secure protocol that ensures your account is protected from fraud. We strive to prevent and combat every type of fraud. The anti-fraud tools alert the user to any suspicious activity and filter out fraudulent purchases.

Several payment methods accepted

  • Visa, MasterCard, E-Carte-Bleue, PayPal, American-Express, Diners Club, JCB, …

Flexible payment processing

  • Debit when sending, debit following the validation process, deposit and balance management, staggered payments, subscriptions management, one-click purchasing, easier management of cancellations and reimbursements.

Transaction management and monitoring

  • Manage and monitor your transactions via an easy-to-use and multi-faceted back office interface enabling you to enter payments collected through sales channels other than your virtual store.

Preventing and combating fraud

  • The 3D-Secure protocol, which guarantees payment security, is available natively in our solutions. EMP corp also provides you with an effective anti-fraud tool by installing filters and alerts.
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