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EMP corp has formed strategic alliances with a range of partners. This has allowed for an unprecedented level of success for everyone involved. We are able to offer our full support in finding the right services for each partner or merchant. Through this continued cooperation, EMP corp is able to offer a range of professional services.
EMP corp views its partners and strategic alliances as the formula for success and provides them with full support for its solutions and services. EMP corp works in maximum cooperation with partners to offer them professional services.

E-PRO is a fully solution for the gaming industry and for risk platform

Our E-PRO platform is a fully integrated solution that is specifically designed for the gaming industry. Through this platform, the merchant's risks are limited through an enhanced fraud protection system. It specializes in real-time fraud protection that is designed to efficiently weed out fraudulent charges or security issues.
Our algorithms lead the industry and offer a technologically advanced way to sift through historical transaction data. This allows the system to understand and identify buying habits. Once the subtle patterns are understood, the algorithms are able to spot fraudulent charges and remove the perpetrators.
For an extra level of protection, merchants can select specific verification methods. These can be completely customized so that the merchant can customize the rules for each transaction. In addition, the reporting options can be selected and set at certain parameters. Due to these options, the system is able to grow with the user. EMP corp has ensured that clients can maximize profits as their business expands and minimize any risks.

Key Benefits

With EMP corp, merchants are able to tailor the entire system. They can increase fraud detection measures and create reports of every transaction. EMP corp offers a higher acceptance rate and minimized risk chargebacks. Businesses can enjoy risk management that is tailored for their specific enterprise as well as maximum sales conversion rates. At the same time, EMP corp eliminates chargeback fines so the merchant can operate with lower costs.
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