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Our ADMIN Interface: Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting

Merchants need more than just payment processing. At EMP corp, merchants can receive real-time reports of all of their on-line activity. These comprehensive reports include notifications about transaction results. Within an instant, merchants can figure out which payments are complete. These report types can be completely customized to provide the exact style needed by the merchant's business.

Transactional Reports to Suit Every Merchant

EMP corp offers merchants transactional reports. These reports are designed to offer the big picture on every transaction. Merchants can retrieve information about a single transaction or a group of transaction. Transactional reports allow e-commerce sites to obtain the most comprehensive information available. Within seconds after the payment is processed, merchants can view the data or download a new report with that information. The number of transactions that appear can be narrowed down using a variety of search filters. These filters can be chosen within the transaction reports search window.

Chargeback Reports

After a chargeback occurs, the EMP corp system immediately adjust the chargeback report. By viewing this document, merchants can look at the details of each chargeback that occurred during a specific amount of time. These reports are updated each day so that merchants have all the latest information. A chargeback report is a must-have for merchants who need to know when their chargeback information will reach the bank.

Statistics Reports

Beyond transactional and chargeback reports, EMP corp also offers merchants statistics reports. These are designed to give the merchant all of the details they need for back office management. The statistics report includes all of the merchant's transactions and general statistics. It shows a summary of dates and a summary by currency in order to help merchants know when and where their sales are strongest. In addition, the statistics report will show the transaction distribution for the merchant.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed information on the result of each transaction
  • Real-time updates and statistics of risk performance
  • Use the portal to take actions, such as blocking/unblocking certain end users or crediting/voiding
  • Provides reports of a quantitative and comparative nature
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