Service access

Prepaid Services

The EmpCorp services Integrate:
  • Issuing money
  • Banking processing
  • Risk management service
  • Customer services :
    • Selfcare
    • smarphones apps
    • Sms Services
    • Ivr
  • Card printing
  • Fulfillment service providers
Prepaid debit card are a strong upcoming business. They offer new opportunities, as you can use them as a physical debit card powered by an E-wallet (which can be also integrated in your customer acount), associated with a virtual IBAN. We can make a whitelabel prepaid card for your company, and adapt each characteristic of the final product.
You can make Direct Deposits, pay bills online, monitor with the CBlib Mobile App, and set up SubAccounts - a great new way to manage family spending. We believe your money belongs with you. That's why our fees are lows and clear. No mistery fees.
Our Worldclass CBlib Customer Service is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it's super easy to open a CBlib Account since there are no credit reviews.
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