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The Brexit-Deal (UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)) impacts the provision of our service within the EU and our products are now unavailable since January, 1st 0H.

We will come back in June.

To obtain a refund or information, please send an email to contact@empcorp-lux.com

At EMP Corp, we have the skills and knowledge to meet all of your needs. Boasting of ten years of experience with E-commerce, EMP corp is a leader in the payment industry. We offer financial expertise and E-money payments. Our system is easy enough for beginning businesses and technological enough for large corporations.

Why EMP?

From basic sites to complex processing demands, EMP Corp is able to meet every business requirement.

Our Experience

With ten years expertise in EMoney payments, we can design complete and secured solutions tailormade on any devices and systems.


EMP corp offers a commitment to efficiency, security and accessibility. Ecommerce sites receive flexibility, expertise and accuracy that they need to operate a successful business.
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E-Pro is designed to give merchants the best and fastest on-line integration. EMP corp combines the most innovative technology with a strong history in the industry. We offer secure payment gateways for e-commerce sites. These gateways are constantly improved and updated by our professional team of programmers. For modern commerce, our product is able to meet the most stringent of standards and requirements.


MyWallet is EMP corp online wallet system. Known as an MyWallet, this technological tool is used to make deposits and purchases. The MyWallet account is a free payment account that works with thousands of websites. You can use MyWallet to pay safely online.


EMP corp is a distributor of E-money. Essentially, a pin code is given by the issuer of E-money. We use this pin code to load your MyWallet account. Then, you can use your MyWallet to pay safely online.


Using a credit or debit card can be risky on-line. From hackers to fraudulent websites, using a typical bank account is risky. When you want to make a purchase, you need to know that your assets are protected. EMP corp offers a voucher. Essentially, it is e-money for white label. It is used exactly like cash and is spent entirely on-line.


Merchants need more than just payment processing. At EMP corp, merchants can receive real-time reports of all of their on-line activity. These comprehensive reports include notifications about transaction results. Within an instant, merchants can figure out which payments are complete.
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We are counting partners in a wide range of activities.


EMP Corp has formed strategic alliances with a large range of partners.
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By using EMP Corp products, you are able to pay safely online with different and safe payment methods.
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Our E-PRO platform is a fully integrated solution that fits perfectly the gaming industry.
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This M-Commerce system is compatible with PDAs and tablet PCs.
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EMPcorp supports the french HAMAP-Humanitaire NGO in its different missions to development aid. Volunteers and HAMAP team members main actions are to increase access to drinking water, sanitation, education, health and security for all populations in need. You too can support the 100 000 beneficiaries.