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At EMP Corp, we have the skills and knowledge to meet all of your needs. Boasting of ten years of experience with E-commerce, EMP corp is a leader in the payment industry. Our system is easy enough for beginning businesses and technological enough for large corporations.

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From basic sites to complex processing demands, EMP Corp is able to meet every technical requirement.

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With ten years expertise in technical payments, we can design complete and secured solutions tailormade on any devices and systems.


EMP corp offers a commitment to efficiency, security and accessibility. Ecommerce sites receive flexibility, expertise and accuracy that they need to operate a successful business.
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Merchants need more than just payment services. At EMP corp, merchants can receive real-time reports of all of their on-line activity. These comprehensive reports include notifications about transaction results. Within an instant, merchants can figure out which payments are complete.
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We are counting partners in a wide range of activities.

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EMP Corp has formed strategic alliances with a large range of partners.